Receive a medical consultation with a general doctor
or specialist through your phone with our native
iOs and Android apps. Available for download
February 2019 on the App Store and Google Play.

With Connect2Drs you have the best medical attention from the comfort of your home or office.

General consultation $2.99 USD.

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No credit card needed for registration to the platform.

Access through any device

Connect2Drs is also available on the web.
You can access from your mobile, tablet or desktop.

General Consultation

Get medical attention anytime from anywhere with an internet connection. Connect2Drs offers its services 24/7 al 365 days of the year.

Clinical Profile

Your clinical profile is stored safely in protected data bases. Only you can share your information with the health professionals of your choosing.

Specialists Doctors

With a growing list of specialist ranging from allergies to urology, we have you covered whatever your needs or medical condition.

Psychological Attention

We provide an accessible and private service of psychological attention 24/7 all year long. Don’t think twice before reaching out.


Connect2Drs provides free medical consultations to populations in vulnerable conditions. See what our users have commented on the app.

Anyone can go to work all day and later at night connect to the internet and have an appointment after work… I think that’s a great idea.

Anyone can go to work all day and later at night connect to the internet and have an appointment after work… I think that’s a great idea.

¡Get medical attention without leaving your home!

Medical attention from the comfort of your home. Now faster and simpler from your phone through native iOs and Android Apps.

¡Download now!

¿How does it work?

1) Registration

Registration is fast and simple; you can create an account with your
facebook profile or fill our registration form.

2) Create your clinical profile

Tu make all consultations easier and faster it is important that you fill in the
basic clinical profile before searching for a doctor.

3) Pay your consultation

All payments are done through the ACCOUNTS tab. If you are searching for
specialized attention each doctor’s fee
will be available for you to choose.

4) Receive your consultation

Once the payment has been processed you will be able to either
search for a general consultation or schedule an appointment.
Once you have selected the date and time
you will receive an email with the link to your video call.

Who we are

We are a tech start-up that gives you access to virtual consultations with high quality
general doctors and specialists, at an excellent price and without having to leave your home or office.
The cost for the consultations with specialized doctors varies depending on the fee the doctor establishes.
The registration to the platform is free and you only pay for the services you acquire.

The project has been developed with the sustainable development objectives of the UN in mind. Consequently
a part of the resources generated through the platform are destined to finance free medical consultations for
vulnerable populations, particularly, those in migratory conditions or within low access areas.


Message us with any doubt you have our team will be glad to be of help.

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